About Me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist (license # 2267) in the state of Oregon. I earned my Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University in 2011. My training and experience includes fourteen years of engaging in psychotherapy and assessment with adults, adolescents, children, and couples, as well as providing services to families and groups. 

Currently, I provide psychotherapy for adults and couples. Many of my clients are college students and adults and people who identify as LGBTQ.

My Training

My clinical training and experience is "generalist" , which means that I have had the invaluable opportunity of working with a rich array of diverse clients in a myriad of different settings from college counseling centers to residential settings to jail, community mental health and private practice. I view my generalist work as a strength from which I have gleaned a strong sense of self-efficacy with regard to rapport building, case conceptualization, and the ability to have empathy and compassion and offer interventions to meet the individualized needs of the unique client. 

I champion my clients and celebrate the strengths and challenges and diversity we all have to offer!

July 2013 to Present

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Private Practice

  • I engage in therapy with adults and couples. My clinical interests include relationship concerns, trauma, childhood sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ issues, self-esteem, values identification, and issues with intimacy, trust, and communication.

2012 to 2013

Psychologist Resident

Reed College Health and Counseling Center

  • I provided therapy for Reed College students and engaged in risk assessment and crisis management. I provided emergency support and consultation after hours.

2011 to July 2013

Psychologist Resident

Private Practice

  • I engaged in therapy with adults and couples. Client issues include life transitions, trauma, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, substance use, worry, chronic pain, LGBT issues, values identification, issues with intimacy, trust, and communication.


Therapist and Assessment Clinician

Pacific Psychology Clinic

  • I provided individual psychotherapy to adults in a University mental health setting. In addition, I conducted comprehensive assessments with children, adolescents, and adults exploring academic, intellectual, psychological, behavioral, and cognitive functioning.
        I worked with Veterans of the Vietnam War, engaging in therapy as well as assessment of Post-traumatic stress disorder.
            I served as a clinical supervisor for master's level clinicians.


Forensic Therapist and Assessment Clinician

Washington County Community Corrections- Center for Victim's Services

  • I provided individual and couples psychotherapy to adults in forensic settings and conducted cognitive assessments and psychological evaluations. I also supervised master's level clinicians.

    In this role, I engaged in assessment and therapy with incarcerated clients in jail settings and was involved in court cases and the Department of Human Services.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clinician

Women's Residential Center

  • I provided individual substance abuse and mental health psychotherapy to court mandated females in a residential setting. I also conducted psycho educational groups and life skills programs targeting females with co-occurring addiction and criminal histories.

    Some of the groups I facilitated include Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention and Seeking Safety.


Assessment Clinician

Reed College

  • I conducted comprehensive assessments with adolescent and young adult college students exploring intellectual, cognitive, academic, psychological, neurological, and developmental functioning.


Student Therapist

Psychological Service Center

  • I engaged in psychotherapy with adults and couples. I also facilitated group therapy targeting recovery from substances and relapse prevention.